Notes about graduate student recruitment

Thank you for your interest in graduate studies under my supervision.  I appreciate that it takes considerable time and effort on your part to find potential supervisors and programs that suit your interests and career plans.

Please note that, as with many professors, I receive 5-10 unsolicited resumes and CVs from students every day.  I simply do not have the time to read let alone respond to each email.  Also, as a policy, I will not open any email attachments or documents from any Hotmail, Gmail or similar account unless I know you personally, no exceptions.

When I have an open position, I will post it on my site.  If there is no position listed on my site then I am not accepting any students.  Even then, I will only recruit from the pool of students who have taken the time to submit their transcripts, language scores, reference letters and other supporting material to Carleton’s Graduate application system.  This pool of applicants is the first place I search for new students when I have an open position and I am always able to find suitable candidates in this pool.

If you are interested in Carleton for graduate studies, please review our application requirements and procedures:

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